Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Friday, May 23, 2014

City Girl's Wine Journal- Gallo White Merlot

I know, I know. Gallo. The Walmart of Winemakers. But hey, my small town grocery store was having one HECK of a sale and I couldn't pass up the price. Actually, for the money, they aren't a bad wine for the price. And if I just want something to sip on the patio at night, you almost can't go wrong with a four dollar bottle.

So what is white Merlot anyway? It's a rose style wine made with Merlot grapes- the crushed grapes and juice are kept together for a short time to just impart a little hint of color, then it is strained off and fermented into wine. Without the skins and seeds, much of the tannins are absent. It's a semi sweet wine, with lots of fruit notes. 

Merlot is known for it's plum flavors, berry notes and as a white Merlot is the perfect wine to tame spicy foods like Mexican or Asian. All those same fruity essences are there. I thought this wine was also a great wine for newbies- a step beyond moscato but nowhere near "dry." I'm thinking nice breezy summer day, sitting in the shade, my big floppy black sun hat, a great big glass of white Merlot and some friends. Cheers!

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