Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fun times in farm land

Have you ever got to pick your own sweet corn? The Chef and I did just that this afternoon. It was a first for us, and after a local farmer invited us to come and pick what we wanted, we weren't about to say no!

Field corn on the left,sweet corn on the right-
what a HUGE difference in size!
Our friend's sweet corn patch was planted right by his huge fields of regular field corn, and the first thing I noticed was the incredible difference in size. The sweet corn was still taller than I am, but the field corn was several feet taller still! The ears were HUGE compared to the sweet corn ears.

It was a hot and humid afternoon and once you got in the middle of the rows, the air just wasn't moving at all. Talk about hot! I was sure I'd die in the middle of the rows and never be found. Just bones among the dead cornstalks. Just kidding of course, the Chef was with so he would have missed me.

Time to get in there and get picking
By the time we were done we'd filled 8 grocery bags. Well......I filled two, the Chef filled the rest. I admit it. There still is enough City Girl left in me that I was miserable and not holding up to hard farm labor very well. I'll be doing my corn canning in air conditioned comfort, that's for sure.

How many of you guys have ever got to experience farm work, or even a pick your own farm? I'd love to hear your stories.

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