Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Monday, March 23, 2015

Country Life: Springtime in Adair County

Another post from the tourism series I wrote in 2014.

It's been one of those looong painful winters. Snowy days, bad roads, just not the best time to be out and about. So when April rolls around many of us have a SERIOUS case of cabin fever and can't wait to get back out there.

Today we are visiting Adair County. The newly remodeled Warren Cultural Center right on the square in Greenfield is a beautiful old building, now fully restored to its original glory. Hosting musical performances, plays and other events the Cultural Center is a great weekend destination. Right next door is the beautiful Hotel Greenfield so you can make a weekend of your visit. And of course, you can't visit the old Opera House without stopping in Ed & Eva's on the main level.

Ed & Eva's is an amazing shop that showcases artwork from all different kinds of Iowa artisans. Everything from candle to dog biscuits to jewelry and crazy lawn decorations made from old golf clubs, it's a fun store with friendly staff and LOTS to look at, and lots to buy. 

I didn't get out of there without spending any money, either. Louie, my dog, got a great big cupcake-shaped dog biscuit, while I picked out a lovely scented candle and the cutest garden bugs to put in the garden- made from old metal pieces, old antique keys and big old fashioned Christmas light bulbs. Fun stuff.

The day of my visit the Cultural Center was hosting an art exhibit of drawings done by local school children, and I was also able to tour an available space that would be perfect for a restaurant. It's a fabulous building with so much potential- that alone is worth the drive.

Directly across the street from the Cultural Center is the Adair County Courthouse. The courthouse was built in 1981 in the "Romanesque" style and features beautiful woodwork fixtures, arched doorways and a spiral staircase connecting all floors.

I couldn't spend a day in Adair County without a stop in it's namesake town of Adair, which is right along Interstate 80. Adair is the home to the Smiley Face water tower. Adair is also known as "The Happiest Town on Earth" because of that great big smiling greeting.

The town is named after General John Adair, a general in the War of 1812, and was also the scene of the first train robbery in the west when the Jesse James gang derailed a Rock Island Express train, killing the engineer. The gang escaped with a mere $3,000.

Downtown Adair

Today when you visit Adair, you will be greeted by the brand new sign welcoming you, and announcing events around town.

Adair County is also home to many other attractions, such as The Freedom Rock and the Aviation Museum- we just can't seem to fit it all in one day!!  

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