Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Friday, January 24, 2014

Here we go again

One can never have too many blogs. Or outlets. Sometimes a person just needs a place to vent, to write, to share, to dream. So that's what this is- my little place to dream. To share my goofy stories about my goofy life transitioning from City Mouse to Country Mouse.

It all started with a Facebook page- the simplest way to blog I had. I used that simple little page to share my stories about my changing life-  from career woman to unemployed. Sure about my future to thrown into a whirlwind of change.

Added for fun- cooking, gardening, lake life, the small town experience. Learning about who I am, who I thought I was. Who I am going to be. 

Three years have passed since moving to the country. Life is more settled. I am back to work. I am back to gardening. My cooking has flourished. I've rediscovered canning.

So anyway........while I do have a food blog that I work very hard on, I thought it was time to give City Girl her own place to shine. Here I can share more than recipes- stories about life, pictures, recipes, whatever my heart wants to share !!

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