Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Friday, January 24, 2014

Waiting for the big thaw

Will spring ever get here? I'm silly even asking that in January in Iowa, but it's been a particularly harsh winter for us this year. MANY sub-zero days, howling winds, not a lot of snow but cutting cold and then, just when you think you've frozen into a statue, the weather turns into a balmy 50 degree day, just to drop you back into the freezer later that night. Crazy.

The worst part about living here with these INSANE weather changes is owning a house without a basement. We have a crawlspace. and that means all of our water pipes are exposed. Sure, we have heat tapes but apparently they are just not effective when the wind chill dips to fifty degrees below zero. 

I haven't had running water in five days. We can't cook, bathe, do laundry, wash dishes. Luckily we have stored gallons of water so we can do the basics- drink, give the pets water and use in the bathroom, but our life is severely inconvenienced by the lack of running water. Even more so by the lack of response on the part of the plumber. Very frustrating.

One of my canning friends has been busy making marmalade and other goodies that are easy to make all year long. Unlike fresh summer tomatoes, oranges and other citrus is pretty much available year round, and while I'm dying to make my own marmalade, without water in the house- I have no way to fill the canner or clean up after. It's going to be a very boring weekend if I have nothing to work on !! I guess I can just keep writing stories to all of you- share some pictures and fun things, and just enjoy the country life!!

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