Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The never ending quest for jars

Every home canner gets it. Jars. You can never have too many jars. You can never have too many lids. A clearance sale is better than Christmas morning. I think I have too many rings but that's ok. My big project this coming canning season is to buy fewer brand new jars and hunt and scour sales and find used jars.

Just one cabinet in my kitchen. Loads of homemade deliciousness!
When I say I use a lot of jars every year, I'm truly not kidding. We buy very little commercially processed food. We literally live off what we grow, buy from farmers and can ourselves. It's not uncommon for me to put up 300 pounds of tomatoes alone! One fall I went a little overboard with the winter squash. Did you know how much a Hubbard squash weighs and how many jars it takes to can chunks? I sure didn't at the time but I do now, and have dozens of jars still on the shelf.

Finding jars is never an issue. I can always find jars for sale year round at our small town hardware store. The drawback is they never go on sale. The more brand new jars I buy, the more rings I accumulate. So in an effort to eliminate that ever-growing pile of rings, I have starting hunting the trade groups, Craigslist, etc, for canning jars. They're out there but are getting harder and harder to find. Thank you, Pinterest, for turning crafty moms into jar hoarders. It makes me sad to see them painted with fake flowers and candles inside.

So I'm starting early this year- putting the word out there. Starting my jar safari as early as possible. Hopefully I will hit the big score!

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