Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Monday, July 21, 2014

City Girl's Wine Journal- Riesling and White Schoolhouse

How about a little Saturday night wine tasting at the Little Lake House? Sounds like a fine idea to me, and I happen to have a couple bottles chilled and ready to open. It's a beautiful, cool evening so The Chef and I decided to give them a try.

Polka Dot Washington Riesling 2012. This is a wine that is definitely marketed towards women. Cute name, cute label, and a big pink polka dot complete the packaging in the tall blue bottle. If you shop with your eyes, you'll definitely be picking up a bottle of Polka Dot.

That is not a bad thing either. It's really good- sweet but not too sweet, peachy and melon flavors, and takes the edge off spicy foods. I get a lot of peach notes in tasting, medium in body and mouthfeel, creamy and soft. A very very very tiny hint of grassiness finishes it off. In the glass the wine is a pretty light amber and clear. It has beautiful floral notes and fresh herbal aromas. Served alongside a spicy Asian dish, this wine would be perfect!

Dale Valley White Schoolhouse 2013. This is a wine I've had many times already- obviously it's a favorite of mine. It reminds me so much of Riesling- many of the same flavor notes and aromas. Peach and stone fruit, sweet cantaloupe and honey highlight this summer favorite of mine. I think it would be awesome with a nice bowl full of Dragon Noodles.

Sadly, unless you live in Iowa you may not be able to try Dale Valley's White Schoolhouse, but if you can- definitely try it. It's worth the drive.

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