Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Monday, July 7, 2014

Crummy weather has ruined my berry plans!

Well crud. I had planned all winter to visit the local pick your own berry farm and I just discovered they have closed for the season after not truly even opening. Darn late frost and super wet spring!

Berry Fresh Farms is located a little ways east of the lake and offers strawberries, raspberries and more- pick your own or call ahead and they have the berries ready for you. I checked their website today hoping to get raspberries or blackberries only to find they have closed for the season- insert sad smiley. Really puts a big dent in my canning plans for the summer.

We have had such a crazy spring. Lots of blossoms were lost to a very late May killing frost and it's affected lots of areas in Iowa. On the plus side, vegetables seem to doing fabulously and the pick your own vegetable farm is now open and offering lots of great produce already. I guess I better set my sights on pickles and tomato jam instead.

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