Baby tomatoes

Baby tomatoes

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Little Lake House

Whenever I am telling a story about something, be it our life, cooking, the garden, a recipe, I often refer to The Little Lake House. That's what I call my little piece of paradise. It isn't fancy like so many of the other lake houses, that DEFINITELY do not qualify as LITTLE, and it's not right on the lakeshore, but it's tucked away on a quiet street, in a little nook surrounded by trees and facing the lake, so it's just as close to perfect as I need it to be.

That great big deck doesn't go to waste! Besides having plenty of room for container gardening, the deck overlooks the park, and the south cove of the lake just beyond that, literally just a few steps from the water. It's a wonderful spot to sit at the end of the day and watch the deer, geese or kids in the park. 

So what is it like to live on a private lake? It's wonderful! Quiet, peaceful, loads of wildlife, fishing, boating and water sports, our own golf course, off-road trails, a private beach, an active social community with lots of friendly people. Originally known as Happy Acres, the 186 acre lake was developed in 1960 by a couple of developers looking to create a quiet rural lake setting. Over the years the lake has evolved into a beautiful community with homes of all sizes, from the humble little ranch, like ours, to some beautiful mansion-like shoreline homes. The winter months bring a whole new bunch of fun things, from ice fishing, to hockey, skating, snowmobiling and sledding. 

So now you know all about The Little Lake House. I guess if you're fleeing the hustle and bustle of city life, you might as well make it a year-round vacationland!

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